Technology Services

Audio Visual

We specialize in delivering top-notch audio-visual solutions across a diverse range of environments. Whether it’s optimizing communication in boardrooms, facilitating immersive experiences in conference rooms, setting the ambiance in restaurants and sports bars, ensuring seamless operations in hospitals and fitness centers, or enhancing audio-visual experiences in places of worship, our expertise spans across various sectors. From design to installation and on going services, we tailor audio-visual systems to meet a multitude of needs, ensuring a dynamic and immersive experience in any setting.

Paging & Sound

At Cable Connexions, we recognize the significance of paging, sound, and public address systems for virtually every business or organization. These systems play a crucial role in the daily operations of any establishment with employees or consumers, facilitating the distribution of vital information to customers, employees, or the general public.

For swift communication needs, these technology systems have been the preferred choice for decades. Leveraging modern technology, PA systems can now seamlessly integrate with phone and security systems to enhance functionality.

Whether it’s a business, school, hospital, retail space, government facility, or house of worship, Cable Connexions possesses the expertise, proficiency, and experience required to handle the job efficiently!


Cable Connexions offers comprehensive design and installation services for your property’s Life Safety needs, including Card Access, Video Surveillance, Integrated Systems, and high-end CCTV systems.

Project Collaboration:

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to working closely with you throughout every project. From the initial site visit to installation to ongoing services, we guarantee all your security requirements are met seamlessly.

Custom Security Solutions:

Cable Connexions is committed to protecting property, information, and personnel. We create custom security systems designed to meet specific client needs, covering a range of services from Card Entry access to CCTV, Gate Fabrication, and installations for various facilities. Additionally, we specialize in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) systems for secure Government structures.

Security Consultation:

Making important security decisions can be challenging, which is why we aim to assist our clients during every step of the process. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of a needs assessment or looking to update an existing system, Cable Connexions has the experience to deliver security solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Fully operational wireless networks are crucial in guaranteeing smooth and efficient business operations. Choosing the right company to upgrade or design a network is a strategic decision with a direct impact on your success. That’s why at Cable Connexions, we’re committed to securing strong network infrastructures that operate at top quality and speed. When you choose Cable Connexions, you choose more than just Wireless-IOT installation—cutting-edge design, seamless integration of network systems, and unwavering technical support are services you can look forward to.
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Site Surveys

Site surveys play an important role in the design and deployment of wireless networks for both new installations and upgrades to existing networks. Our team at Cable Connexions uses cutting-edge industry tools and techniques to thoroughly map radio frequency characteristics across the intended network site with unparalleled precision. Our surveying allows us to understand the physical environment of the network area, determine signal coverage and strength, account for capacity and user density, and much more. This meticulous process yields highly detailed documentation of all survey findings, providing a strong foundation before entering the network design phase. This process allows us to identify and address potential issues early, ensuring a seamless and optimized wireless network deployment.

Structured Network Cabling

Cable Connexions is a leading provider of residential and commercial structured cabling design, installation, and service. With decades of experience collaborating with builders, network engineers, homeowners, and general contractors, we’ve earned our position as the superior choice in structured cabling. Being a reliable Voice & Data network specialist, we’ve delivered fast, secure, and reliable solutions to thousands of clients over the years.

We understand the pivotal role fully functional wired and wireless networks play in the seamless operations of your business, so you can count on us for dependable, on-time, and budget-friendly services. Our commitment goes far beyond installation. Performing comprehensive onsite design, networking, and wireless technical support is our standard in ensuring your network infrastructure is not only operational, but performs to its fullest potential.

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Unified Communications

  • Voice Communication: Enjoy crystal-clear, reliable voice communication with our cutting-edge VoIP solutions, enhance productivity, and streamline conversations.
  • Video Conferencing: Experience virtual meetings that replicate face-to-face interactions with high-definition video conferencing solutions.
  • Messaging and Chat: Foster real-time teamwork with our streamlined messaging, file sharing, and collaboration features.
  • Collaboration Tools: Efficient collaboration tools increase productivity with document sharing, project management, and everything in between.
  • Integration Services: Our experts ensure a smooth transition and integration when you switch to UC, maximizing the benefits of a unified platform.

Engineering & Design

The design team at Cable Connexion is dedicated to aligning your technology requirements with the essential efforts necessary for a smooth installation within your construction project. We handle diverse environments, including corporate campuses, data centers, hotels & casinos, healthcare, education, and government facilities.

In today’s rapidly evolving, technology-driven world, a dependable technology infrastructure is crucial for every building. Cable Connexion’s team of low voltage technology experts comprehends the unique needs of various building types, offering a comprehensive suite of building technology infrastructure solutions. Our team ensures seamless integration with other architectural and building systems. We not only possess the expertise to guide clients on emerging technologies but also consider the practicalities of construction costs and schedules.

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Integrated Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate audio, video, network cabling, security, unified communications, wireless optimization, paging, and sound systems. This holistic approach ensures that your technological landscape is not only efficient but also interconnected for maximum performance.

Expertise & Experience

With a team of seasoned professionals, we bring years of experience and technical know-how to every project. From intricate network cabling installations to advanced security systems, our experts are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the highest standards.

Innovation at the Core

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and so do we. Our company thrives on innovation, constantly adapting to emerging trends and technologies. This ensures that our clients always have access to state-of-the-art solutions that propel their businesses forward.

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